Friday, September 17, 2004

It's Friday, and Fridays are always hella-busy on Planet Dave, plus Saturday, with another of my father-in-law's auctions coming up (always an all-day thing, and very tiring), looks like a bitch as well. But in the meantime, check out these links I found over at the always interesting, but (sadly) rarely updated Sugar-n-Spicy:

If you like vintage art of pinup girls, and God knows I do, here's Pin-up Girls, from whence the above illustration came- it's in a foreign language but it's OK 'cause the linked artist's names are in English. Dave Stevens is among those who have a gallery.

The website of Ronny Vardy, who proves that if you must do paintings of fairies and such, it helps to at least do them well.

Plus, via Clio Chiang's Sketchblog of Doom, here's the sketchblog of someone named "Genn", short for Genevieve, last-name-unknown. She's pretty gosh darn good.

That oughtta keep ya busy for a little while until I can get back to da blog...may be today, may be tonight. Who knows.

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