Thursday, September 16, 2004

A couple of quickies before I get back to building crappy-looking ads:

First, Alan David Doane, lucky sod, has interviewed Howard Victor Chaykin over at Comic Book Galaxy, and he not only manages to get Sword of Sorcery (see "Brilliant But Cancelled", below) namechecked, but also gets Howie to mention Time Squared, one of my top three Chaykin projects! And Chaykin wants to see it back in print! Me too, but I want new stories...

Second, my current favorite Beatlesong: "Baby's In Black". Why, I dunno exactly- but I just love the rollercoaster harmonies on that song. The favorite Beatlesong designation will probably change in a few minutes, so I wanted to get that out there. Favorite Beatle cover of the moment: Grant Lee Phillips' home-recorded "Here Comes the Sun", which is included on the blue Beatlecover disc that came with the latest Mojo. More on that later, hopefully.

Back to the salt mine!

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