Saturday, October 02, 2004

Time now for yet another edition of Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications!

Standard disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Please don't bet your rent money using these picks. The JBS waives all responsibility for financial disaster, other than his own.

GREEN BAY over the NY Giants
CLEVELAND over Washington
NEW ENGLAND over Buffalo (I know Buffalo's the trendy pick here, but I take the Patsies until they give me a reason not to.)
OAKLAND over Houston
INDIANAPOLIS over Jacksonville
PITTSBURGH over Cincinnati
ATLANTA over Carolina
NEW ORLEANS over Arizona
NY JETS over Miami
TAMPA BAY over Denver
TENNESSEE over San Diego (for some irrational reason, I really want to go with the Chargers here)
ST.LOUIS over San Fransisco
KANSAS CITY over Baltimore (I always underestimate Baltimore...but I gotta believe KC will be up for playing on Monday night at home)

Last week: 9-5. Year to date: 28-18,.609.
Fantasy: Money league, lost 40-14, record 0-3. Ouch. Gonna make a bunch of pickups (hopefully- we have a bid system when it comes to pickups) and try to get this thing jumpstarted. Freebie league: won 85-49, record 2-1. That's more like it.

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