Monday, October 04, 2004

Hello- I've been home all day but busy doing stuff that isn't blog-related, hence the lack of stuff for you to read. I plan on remedying that later, but for now just a few quick notes.

First, I'm soliciting recommendations for a new image hosting service, preferably a free one. Since the Show began, I've been using Vendio, and they've been blissfully free of charge for at least two years now, which is how I can afford to post all these purty pictures. But they finally wised up and are now charging me $8.95 a month, and not to whine about my money situation yet again but I can't afford this. So any suggestions out there? I don't blame Vendio- it's their prerogative and I've been happy to coast along on my free ride for quite a while now- and it was inevitable that they would begin charging.

Second, I got Brian Wilson's SMiLE today, and it's (to borrow a song title) wonderful. I've been listening to the cuts over at the website which Shant Sarkisian pointed me to, but it's a whole 'nother experience when you listen to it over your own stereo. Thanks again to Mark for sending it, along with a couple of other interesting CDs. I plan to write a little about them eventually.

Third, I see on my referrer site where someone came here as a result of a Google search for "David Allen Jones murder". Is there something somebody's not telling me?

Fourth, I suddenly have an interesting dilemma. I interviewed for a job in early August, then heard nothing so I assumed I'd been passed over. All the while, I continued to search for a job, and two weeks ago got the opportunity to interview for another position, which sounds like an excellent opportunity for me. They said then that they planned on bringing me back for that all-important second interview, and I wait. I've also been approached by a recuiter for, who asked me if I'd be interested in interviewing for a position they have in Cincinnati. I don't want to rule anything out, so I said "sure" and sent her the info she needed. I'm waiting for the follow-up on that as well. Now, today, just a few minutes ago, the fellow from the first job I mentioned sent me an email outlining the position and asking if I'm still interested. Of course, I am (it pays better than what I'm making now)...but just not as interested as I was before I heard from these two most recent opportunities! What to do, what to do? Job #2 is the one I really want, but until they bring me back in my hands are tied. It's nice to have a choice, but jeez!

Finally, I need to finish cutting the grass, so I'm done for now.

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