Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Holy shit! Looks like one of Johnny Damon's teammates broke a bottle of gin (or perhaps vodka) over his head while celebrating the Red Sox's clinching the wild-card spot in the playoffs! Bet that's gonna leave a mark...

Just for gits and shiggles, here's my Fearless MLB Playoff Predictions!

Now you may recall that back before the season started, I tabbed Philadelphia and Anaheim to meet in the World Series, with the Angels winning it all. Philly underacheived all year, and missed the party- but the Angels are still alive so I have a slim shot at getting my eventual prediction right.

That being said, since the Phils messed up my equation, I will now predict something different, and hope the karmic fallout doesn't infect everyone within a 30 mile radius. Now, my somewhat revised month-of-October picks:

NL: Houston over Atlanta, St. Louis over Los Angeles, Houston over St. Louis.
AL: Yankees over Minnesota, Anaheim over Boston, Anaheim over the Yankees.

World Series: HOUSTON over Anaheim. The Astros are just too hot and have that "Team of Destiny" aura about them. We shall see! Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Boston win it all, but we all know THAT'S never gonna happen.

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