Saturday, October 09, 2004

Johnny B's Week 5 Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications!

PITTSBURGH over Cleveland
ATLANTA over Detroit (but they better score some frigging points...)
NEW ENGLAND over Miami (has there ever been a more stone cold lead pipe lock?)
HOUSTON over Minnesota (I'm beginning to believe in this Texan team)
NEW YORK football GIANTS over Dallas
INDIANAPOLIS over Oakland (another lock)
NEW ORLEANS over Tampa Bay (NO is so unpredictable, but TB just looks mediocre at best, how the mighty have fallen)
NEW YORK JETS over Buffalo
ARIZONA over San Francisco
DENVER over Carolina
SEATTLE over St. Louis (some are picking the Rams, but I'll take the 'Hawks until they prove I shouldn't)
WASHINGTON over Baltimore
GREEN BAY over Tennessee

Last week, another 9-5 effort. Season to date: 37-23, .617.

Fantasy: Cut-throat money league, lost 37-15. I simply have no offense, and trades are difficult to make- trades that will help me and not the other person, that is. I'm 0-4. Freebie Yahoo league: lost 62-19 after scoring 80-something in week 3. Feh. I had Shaun Alexander and Randy Moss idle, so that explains a lot. I'm 2-2 in that league.

And one of my World Series teams has been eliminated...I have no defense for choosing Anaheim over Boston, except that that Angels seemed to have a lot of momentum going in. I now hope for a Astros-Red Sox Series, and whoever wins will be just fine with me.

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