Monday, October 11, 2004

RIP Christopher Reeve.

There have simply been too many notable deaths lately, that's for sure. I suppose that any comics blogger worth his salt is compelled to memorialize the modern Superman's passing, so here 'tis. Actually, and I know this is heresy to many, I was never all that thrilled with Reeve's wooden portrayal of the Man of Steel. I fully recognize that I'm in the minority. I did, however, enjoy 1978's Superman film- more so for its contemplative, almost pastoral small-town setting in the first hour or so, and less for Ned Beatty and Gene Hackman's relentless mugging in the second half, and really liked the amped-up sequel Superman II, more so for Terence Stamp and Sarah Douglas' shinyl-clad villains and Richard Lester's frenetic direction than for the performances of its leads. I really didn't appreciate Reeve's craft until 1980's Somewhere In Time, a soaper with Sci-Fi shadings in which Reeve demonstrated a lot more range. Still, needless to say, one has to admire the courage that he demonstrated after his tragic accident, and his determination to not let that keep him from not only acting, but living life as well. I think, all said, that he was a hell of a man.

Update: Andrew over at The Stop Button 2.0 posts a really nice Scott Kurtz illustration regarding Reeve's passing. There's also a link to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, in case you might be able to contribute.

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