Sunday, October 24, 2004

After seeing at least three dozen hits on my referral list (over the last couple of days) for internet searches for "David Allen Jones" (my secret identity, dont'cha know), I had the feeling something was up. I thought perhaps something had happened in this situation.

Now Tegan emails me with THIS link- apparently there's ANOTHER David Allen Jones that's been involved in some nasty business! At least this guy was, it seems, actually innocent and was serving time for someone else's crime.

So, if you're coming here from one of those Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc. searches, NEITHER OF THESE ARE ME! I haven't murdered ANYBODY. Yet.

I'm also getting a ton of referrers looking for stuff about Red Sox outfielder/long-haired hippie freak Johnny Damon, and the image of teen soul singer Joss Stone that I posted back in April has suddenly gotten a lot of attention as well.

Much to do, including work on the article that's due Wednesday (eee!), so this is it from me today. Have a great Sunday, and watch out for those murderin' Joneses!

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