Thursday, October 21, 2004

OK, I seem to have resolved my image problem by taking the pics I had stored over at Photobucket and putting them back on Vendio. Which really isn't a solution at all- I'm still having to pay. But until I can find an image host that won't charge me for the amount of megs and bandwidth I need, guess I'm stuck. I expect to find this at about the same time I discover a cure for cancer, the golden fleece, and El Dorado. And even then, taking on the task of transferring all the images I have on Vendio, then going back through every blog entry to change the code is just something I'm not prepared to do at this time, if ever. Sigh. Domo arigato to everyone who emailed or left me comments.

Anyway, in the interest of posting something, here's something I found on the Pulse a while back, and you've probably seen it:

A new line of Wonder Woman books, aimed at younger readers- written by one Nora Jaffe and nicely illustrated (on the covers, anyway) by Bill Caldwell, of whom I've never heard. Click here for the skinny and some more art samples. I really like those covers- they remind me a bit of Jill Thompson crossed with Josh Middleton.

In the process of re-coding all the images for the last couple of dozen blog entries with pictures, I was struck by how many posts I had written apologizing or making excuses for not posting more. I know- nothing's more tedious than bloggers who constantly apologize for not posting, and, well, I apologize for THAT. I've been spinning a lot of plates lately, and something has to give. I hope to get back to it really soon, but it may be another week or so before I'm back up to speed. So don't give up on me!

Oh well, back to transcribing interviews with one eye on the Cards-Astros game.

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