Wednesday, October 01, 2003

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This typically fab, gear and boss Nick Cardy cover graced the September/October 1968 issue of Teen Titans, number 17 to be precise and the second appearance of The Mad Mod, a character I've suddenly become infatuated with, even to the point of checking eBay to see if this issue and his first appearance in #7 are listed for sale. Mile High has a fair condition copy of #17 for about $12.50. Of course, I can't afford them right now but I thought I'd post the cover anyway.

And I'd want them only if Cardy drew them, of course. He didn't draw several issues after #7, I know that- Irv Novick, perhaps with Cardy inks did the honors. I saw one panel of #17 on the Titans Tower website, and it was definitely by Cardy, so I'm pretty sure he did that one.

There's just something about those 60s DC comics for me, I don't know exactly what it is. Nostalgia for my long-gone childhood, perhaps, or just the desire to review a lot of stuff I either overlooked or didn't own as a kid. I realize that a lot of what National issued back then was hackneyed, staid, somewhat high on the dairy product scale and nowhere near as vital as Marvels from about that same period, but they were incredibly imaginative, if nothing else.

And I still want to see that Milligan/Bond or Morrison/Hewlett Super-Hip meets the Mad Mod one shot.

Quickie update: I just bought a copy of this at my comics shop, which had a pretty good condition copy for eight bucks! Haven't really had a chance to read it yet, but just from thumbing through it I can see that the Mod was a pretty nasty character in this one...and yes, Cardy did the art.