Saturday, October 11, 2003

My baloney has a first name, it's

Johnny B's Fearless Pigskin Prognostications!

Tampa Bay over Washington- even though the banged up Bucs are coming off a Monday night, and even though the game is on the road, I still believe they have enough to beat the not-bad Skinnies. This is the first of many hard-to-predict games this week.

Indianapolis over Carolina- I don't think the Colts will put up 30 plus on another tough defense this week, but I like the Colts at home in a low scoring squeaker. And you didn't think Carolina was going to go 5-0, did you?

New England over the New York Giants- The Giants just haven't looked all that solid over the last couple of weeks, and the Pats have gotten better since week one. I like the Patsies in a close one.

Tennessee over Houston- again, I gotta go with the home team in what I think will be a high scoring game, with the Flaming Thumbtacks winning by a field goal.

Green Bay over Kansas City- you know, almost every game this weekend could be decided by a FG or less. Here's another one. The Pack has been getting slowly better, and I just can't see KC going 6-0.

Cleveland over Oakland- boy, will Al Davis be pissed when the inconsistent Raiders lose this one. Cleveland appears to be jellin'. Like a felon. (sorry)

Philadelphia over Dallas- Philly's got it together now, and c'mon- you didn't think the Cowboys were that good, didja? This one will be close, though, and could go either way.

Miami over Jacksonville- I've been picking against the Dolphins a lot lately, and have regretted it each time, so here. Miami will win this, but it won't be a blowout, even though (Leftwich aside) the Jag-wires don't have much on the ball on either side.

New Orleans over Chicago- this battle of the wretched will be a hard fought contest (bet you can still get good tickets in NO), but the Aints will pull it out, since they allegedly have more firepower on offense. Besides, a Aints win will put my beloved Falcons in last place, and you just know that's gonna happen.

Denver over Pittsburgh- The Steelers should be better than they've showed so far, but they aren't, thanks to their inability to run the football. I don't think they're gonna get better at the Habitual Liars' expense.

Buffalo over the New York Jets- the Bills have just got too much for the sorry Jets to deal with. We always used to say "your chances are skinny when you go with Vinny"...

Arizona over Baltimore- look, I have no logical reason for making this pick. None whatsoever. There's just a little voice in my head telling me the Ravens will wilt in the desert, so I'm gonna take a chance here.

Seattle over San Franscisco- I look for the Seahawks, who totally collapsed in Green Bay last weekend, to snap back big over the disorganized 49ers. When the perpetually clueless Dennis Erickson (and you 'Hawks fans know all about him, don'tcha) claims that he thinks their problems will be solved by emphasizing the running game, then you just know that dark days are ahead for the Niner faithful. Heh heh.

St. Louis over Atlanta- that same little voice was telling me that my hapless Birds will pull one out in St. L., but I refuse to listen to him twice in one week. Doesn't mean I won't be rooting for it to happen, though...actually, I'm just rooting for my guys to avoid yet another Monday night humiliation.

Last week: 8-6. Overall: 49-24, a .671 winning percentage.

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