Saturday, October 18, 2003

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Gonna take a minute to send out more of those ever-lovin' Bacardi Show Birthday Greetings to:

That Brown-Eyed Handsome Man himself, the great Chuck Berry, who's 77 today. Mr. Berry has written some of the best songs in the history of recorded music.

Also, posthumously, Laura Nyro, who would have been 56 today. Laura also wrote a whole bunch of great songs (most of which were hits for other people) like "Stoned Soul Picnic", "And When I Die", and "Wedding Bell Blues". Todd Rundgren, on his first solo LP Runt, recorded a great tribute song to her as part of a medley called "Baby Let's Swing/The Last Thing You Said/Don't Tie My Hands", which doesn't really have a damn thing to do with Nyro, I just really like that medley.