Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I really hate to make my predictions this early, but like I said before, I don't think I'll be around a computer until here they are:

Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications!

Kansas City over Denver (The Habitual Liars, I mean the Broncos, are tough but KC is really hot right now and they're at home)
NY Giants over Miami (This should be a great game, and once again I'm taking the home team)
Seattle over Green Bay (The Pack is coming off a Monday night game, and I don't think their defense can handle the potent Seattle offense. Ahman Green will get his, though. This looks to be a shootout, but I see Holmgren coming back to pour some salt in some old wounds)
Minnesota over Atlanta (Another long day for my stumbling Birds)
Carolina over New Orleans (Wow. Carolina will be 4-0. I can't see how the bumbling Saints will move the ball on the Panthers)
Buffalo over Cincinnati (If I keep picking the Bills, they're bound to win again sooner or later, right? Without Dillon, the Bengals will struggle against a Buffalo team that isn't as good as it looked early but isn't as bad as they've looked the last two weeks)
Oakland over Chicago (The Bears, on the other hand, are as bad as they've looked, and Oakland has had two cakelike games in a row. Al Davis owes the schedule makers)
Dallas over Arizona (Poor Emmitt. He will not have a happy homecoming. It will not make me especially happy to see Dallas at 3-1)
Tennessee over New England (Another potential shootout- and I like McNair better than Brady in one of those)
Jacksonville over San Diego (The Jags will be pissed after their last second loss last week, and they'll take it out on the hapless 'Bolts)
Philadelphia over Washington (I think Philly figured out a few things over the last couple of weeks, and will take it to the Skinnies)
San Fransisco over Detroit (I'd love to see the Lions pull this out, but I think the Niners' pride is smarting and Detroit's just what the doctor ordered. If this wasn't a home game for San Fran, though, I might think differently)
Pittsburgh over Cleveland (The Browns' scoring woes will continue, especially if gimpy Holcomb returns)
Tampa Bay over Indianapolis (Hey- this is my Super Bowl pick! In true irresistible force/immovable object tradition, I think the Bucs' defense will be better than Indy's vastly improved one, and Tony Dungy will get no satisfaction)

I reserve the right, since these predictions are so early, to make last-minute changes if I get a chance.

And one last sports-related note: This just in- Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. I guess that's just stating the obvious, and most even remotely intelligent people have known it for a long time. Apparently ESPN doesn't care- this is what he's supposed to do, I suppose- be controversial and spout off with any old crap, as long as he gets attention. This is exactly the kind of buffoonery I expected when they brought him aboard.

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