Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Dave Fiore has written a nice overview/commentary on one of the Grant Morrison issues of Animal Man. Animal Man is a title that I've never read in any significant measure, despite my admiration for Morrison's scripting, because the artist that they got to illustrate the majority of it was one Chas Truog, whose work is, in my own unworthy opinion, some of the worst to ever grace any works of sequential fiction. Flat, unimaginatively laid out, awkwardly posed, poor perspective shots, you name it. Maybe I just got off on the wrong foot with the guy because he was the artist they chose to follow Steve Leialoha in Epic's long-ago Coyote ongoing, and he stunk on ice...and I've never seen anything from him since that has changed my opinion. I'm sure he's a nice fella, and is loved by his friends and family, tithes often, and is a pillar of his community...but Jesus Mary and Joseph I hated his artwork. And it inspired such distaste in me that I only picked up one issue of AM in the entire run, the one in which Dolphin (a fave obscure character of mine before Peter David had his way with her in Aquaman) appeared. I've never heard anything but good stuff about the AM book, though, apparently from people who just don't get too worked up about the pictures that illustrate all those you never know, I might get a trade one of these days and try to slog through it.

There's been a whole bunch of comics related stuff I've been wanting to write, like my opinion of the Gone and Forgotten-slagged Marvels, my favorite horror comics, and more. I just haven't had the wherewithal lately to get them out of my brain and through my fingers as of yet. Hang on, though, there's always hope...or so they keep telling me...

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