Wednesday, October 22, 2003

John Jakala's linked to DC's January solictiations at ToonZone, and has reproduced the cover of the new Midnight, Mass miniseries. Nice to see that cover artist Tomer Hanuka has curbed his tendency to render all his figures as emaciated zombies. But seriously, folks, I thought the first MM series was a hoot, albeit a drably illustrated hoot, and I'm looking forward to this one.

Another interesting-looking title is My Faith in Frankie, from Mike (Lucifer) Carey. Marc Hempel does the covers and interior inks.

I'm also eagerly anticipating New Frontier, another DC revisionist history series involving the DC stable as they were in the early 60s, when Fox and Broome and Infantino and Sekowsky walked the earth. Should be interesting, and for the love of God I hope it's fun at $6.95. By January I may be chopping up furniture for use as firewood...

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