Sunday, October 26, 2003

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I was restlessly flipping through the channels one day last week, when I was actually moved to stop and check out a scene from one of those multitudes of military-themed crime investigation shows by the sight of one young lady, all made up in Hollywood standard Gothgirl style and attitude (except for the white lab coat), who was this particular organization's forensics expert/computer whiz. Just the type, I'm sure, that's encouraged in the Naval Armed Forces. Anyway, I was, well...impressed (for lack of a nicer word) by her as she wisecracked with Mark Harmon and clicked away, doing remarkable things on her computer using only the keyboards. Have you ever noticed that in the movies and on TV, you can do anything by keyboard shortcuts and nobody ever uses a mouse? Anyway, her name is Pauley Perette, the show's called Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigation Service, on CBS, her character's name is Abby Sciuto, I may watch again...who knows, and this concludes my little lovestruck observation post.

10/28/03 Note to Sean Collins: she apparently plays Beth, assistant (and girlfriend) to the male lead's character, in The Ring. Small world, huh.