Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Sports post time:

I should have known, as soon as Tegan bragged on my prediction acumen, that I would have a poor week...but there were some major upsets in the NFL last weekend. I didn't get to watch any of the Sunday games, except for a little bit of the Cleveland-Pittsburgh contest, so I really can't comment on them with any depth. I did watch that Tampa Bay-Indianapolis game last night, though, and that was one of the damnedest games I have ever seen in my life! I still don't believe that Indy, as good as their offense can be, put up 30 points on Tampa's scary D. Tampa Bay had gotten a bit cocky and obnoxious, especially after kicking the cripples, I mean the Falcons around, and I got a little satisfaction from seeing them get such an embarrassing beatdown on national TV.

Anyway, I went 8-6, which makes my overall record 49-24. Could have been worse.

Boy, my World Series predictions sure went to hell and gone, didn't they? Go Cubbies! Go Red Sox!

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