Sunday, October 19, 2003

As Chuck Brown would say, "good grief".

I just read over at A Small Victory that Gregg Easterbrook, he of the wonderful Tuesday Morning Quarterback column and the wrongheaded anti-Tarantino (and unintentionally anti-Semitic) commentary has been fired by ESPN!

ESPN is totally overreacting, and you just know that the Rush Limbaugh debacle is at the root of it. Easterbrook made a mistake, but he has apologized and should at least be given another chance. ESPN didn't get rid of Bob Ryan, who still appears regularly on The Sports Reporters, did so just this morning as a matter of fact, and said something equally as mistaken and wrong about Jason Kidd and his wife. He got some probation time from both his paper, the Boston Globe, and ESPN, which was sufficient. To just fire Easterbrook like that is stupid and wrongheaded, and I intend to email them about it, for all the good that'll do. The email link is in Michelle's post above.

I'm sure gonna miss reading TMQ...

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