Friday, July 28, 2006

It's become a sadly recurring thing- Tom Spurgeon puts out a Five for Friday entry solicitation, I get all het up and write something for it, email it to and days later, I check the site and lo and behold...several entries, none of which are mine. Sigh.

Anyway, Five for Friday #85, "Name a comic and then the person, place, thing, or event that that comic always makes you think of" was a good one, and I hate to see my labor (ha) go to waste, so here was my response.

1. Thriller #7 - Sitting outside in the parking lot of the obstetrician's office reading this as my wife was inside getting a checkup as we awaited the birth of my daughter a few weeks later on August 6.

2. Amazing Adventures #34 - I read this one as I sat outside the front of my high school building, waiting for the coach to open up the door so we could go in and start practice. I got so caught up in the story that I didn't hear when he finally did open the door, and was late! I had to run laps, and it was all Craig Russell and Don McGregor's fault!

3. Marvel Spotlight #18 - There was one house where we all hung out as teens, the town doctor's (who had four sons, three close to our age). It was just down the road from the Jr. Foods store where I bought many great comics off their spinner rack, and for some reason I remember the day I bought this one and brought it back to that house to read it. Hot summer day. This particular book made a Son of Satan fan out of me...

4. Phantom Stranger #24 - Rivertown Records in Louisville, sadly no longer in existence, where I bought a ton of used vinyl back in 1975-76. They also carried used comics for a while, and this was one I bought there...and it never fails to bring the place back in my memory.

5. Marvel Graphic Novel #13 - Starstruck. I took it with me in 2000 to meet Mike Kaluta at a convention in Louisville, and got him to autograph it.

If anyone wishes to add their own, my comments box is open and eager to receive your ministrations!

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