Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And now, the story is complete. Thanks to everyone who has linked here over the last few days! And DC lawyers, please don't go after l'il ol' me, who isn't making any money from posting your copyrighted material here for all to read. It's just my belated tribute to one of my absolute favorite artists.

Here, from 1974's House of Secrets #123, is "A Connecticut Ice Cream Man in King Arthur's Court", by Michael (Spectre, Jonah Hex) Fleisher, Russell Carley (the legendary "script continuity" guy) and the late great Alex Toth, and starring Julius Schwartz (I thought it was meant to be a tribute to Phil Silvers, but Toth said otherwise and I guess he would know)as the unfortunate frozen confection salesman. This was from a comic that I bought while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at age 14, and probably the first time I looked at Toth's magnificent work and went "Hmm...this guy is GOOD", even though I had grown up looking at it in not only DC and Warren publications, but CarToons and Saturday morning kidvid. Strange how that sort of thing goes, isn't it? Click on the thumbs above to see them full size.

Thanks a skadillion to Dave Stewart (not this Dave Stewart, although I don't know for sure...) for the gracious gift of this comic, which I sold several years ago.

This story is uf cuss copyright 1974 DC Comics, Inc.

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