Friday, June 20, 2008


Tonight's Friday night fist fight is from CREEPY #7, from a story titled "Hot Spell"- a little "fiery tale of a warlock's curse" as presented by the late greats Archie Goodwin and Reed Crandall. In the prologue, a group of villagers burns a warlock at the stake, he of course curses the village. Flash forward to modern times, and the village still worries...and a couple of deaths by fire leads them to conclude that a new resident, an artist, is responsible for reviving the spell. So when he unwittingly comes to town to buy groceries, he gets less than a warm, no pun intended, reception. But fortunately the artist is as good at punching as he is at painting, and the scene above ensues. As always, click to see biggerer.

Oh, and don't was so often the case with Goodwin's Warren stories from this period, justice of a kind is enacted by story's end.


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