Saturday, May 05, 2007

So today was Free Comic Book Day, and I've been reading here and there and other places about the positive experiences many had.

Mine wasn't quite so positive.

Oh, don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible- nobody was injured or ripped off or no other chaotic event took place, but if you'd like to know what my FCBD haul was, well, I'll show you.

That's it!

Of course, I was going to Bowling Green today anyway, to take the radio station's Macbook and iMac to be repaired (long story there, and no, it's not my fault), so it's not like I drove 80 miles for nothing. And naturally, I figured while I was in BG, where I used to work until a month ago, I would check out my former LCS and see what I could get. They were also having a sidewalk sale and 20% off inside, and there was a book or two that I hadn't gotten from DCBS that I thought I'd pick up, most notably Brave and the Bold #3.

So I go in at about 11:30 AM, and rather than having shortboxes full of the free comics out where people could look through them and get what they wanted, or even having them displayed on an accessible table like they did in 2004 (If you click the link, sorry, I've never relinked those pictures. Someday, maybe) and 2005 (I didn't go last year), there were only 3 small shortboxes, which contained the DC and Marvel offerings, a couple of other publishers (the comic on the front of the box was the Sonic the Hedgehog book)...and that's it. They were placed on a table behind the counter, where only the store employees could look through them. I thought of asking if I could go back there and look through them, but thought better of it since if they let me, then they'd have to let everybody, and I knew they had been placed back there for a reason. Anyway, I asked if they had anything else besides what I could see, and the fellow who waited on me said that that was pretty much it- was there anything I had in mind in particular? Unfortunately, I hadn't quite done my FCBD homework, since I've been kinda out of the comics news loop lately, so the only thing I could think of offhand was the Fantagraphics Peanuts comic, which I really wanted to see. Nope, sorry, he thought they had a couple but they're gone. "Owly, or any other indies?" I said- and he did have a copy of Owly. So that, kids, is my FCBD haul. Kinda sad, huh.

Well, the trip wasn't a total waste; They were sold out of B&B, nor did they have copies of Two Guns #1 and Planetary Brigade: Origins #3, but I did pick up the issue of Batman and the Monster Men, #3, that I had neglected to buy before and that they had kept put back in my folder for about two months, plus I got some $2 CDs outside: The Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang, Richard Thompson's Mirror Blue, Prince's Musicology, and Who Killed the Zutons? by...well, the Zutons. Plus, I got to have a short talk with Matt, who is the store manager (but not about the FCBD issue), and that's always cool. I also went to and downloaded 3 free PDFs of their wonderful, but way-too-expensive-for-me-to-buy-on-a-regular-basis (ladies and gentlemen, we now have a new world record for hyphens in a sentence!) magazines. But compared to years past, I came away quite disappointed, and there were several of those offerings I would have liked to have sampled. Oh well, c'est la vie- I'm still behind on my reading anyway. But I'm just sayin, know whatumsayin?

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