Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anybody remember VOID INDIGO?

It was an extremely short-lived series, another offbeat Marvel/Epic line title that went a grand total of three issues (one, its debut, was a Marvel Graphic Novel) before it was unceremoniously shitcanned. Seems that 1983's retailers and readers were so repulsed by its apparently controversial subject matter (violence! sex!) that they raised such a hue and cry that Marvel and even the great Archie Goodwin, God rest his soul, decided to abort the title rather than listen to more complaints.

Me, I wasn't complaining. I guess I must have been a pervert even then, because I found it another challenging and fascinating Gerber concept- and was looking forward to reading more. Too bad, Dave!

Anyway, it seems that someone has posted Gerber's plot summary to what would have been #'s 3 thru 6 right here, and it was great to see what he had in mind. Great, and frustrating. Only a few years later, we had much worse in mainstream DC and Marvel books. Wonder if Steve has ever considered reworking it for the Aughts and pitching it again?

Oh well, thought I'd share, since I hadn't posted anything since Sunday. I've almost got the next BSNCR done, so there's that to look forward to, or dread, depending on your point of view...

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