Sunday, August 31, 2003

Well, I was planning on keeping a low blogging profile this holiday weekend, but Sean Collins has called me out- twice!

First, I'll plead a mean culpa to perhaps getting a bit carried away in my estimation of the talents of Sean (Sleeper) Phillips. When one looks at his work objectively, it's been solid and always consistently interesting, and he's able to excel working in several different genres, be it supernatural, superhero, or spy-type stuff. But, he really hasn't acheived transcendence of subject matter and material as the likes of Clowes, Crumb or Ware have, if nothing else but because hes remained solely an illustrator and hasn't branched out into writing as well as drawing, to my knowledge. He's a solid craftsman, but to place him with more well-rounded creators is a bit premature. I still believe he's as good as it gets as far as mainstream comics illustrators go these days.

As far as the second call-out goes, all I can say is that I've led a sheltered life, I suppose, and I'm easily amused.

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