Monday, August 25, 2003

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Lots of interesting people having (or would have had) birthdays today.

First, Declan McManus aka Elvis Costello, always interesting and listenable if not always enjoyable. His best album remains, to me, 1978's This Year's Model, but I still find myself listening often to lesser regarded efforts like 1991's Mighty Like a Rose and 1987's Blood and Chocolate. Elvis is 48 today.

Next, the only real James Bond, Sir Sean Connery, 73. Fave Connery films, besides the Bonds (a given) are 1975's The Wind and the Lion and The Man Who Would Be King, and I always thought he did a good job in 1981's otherwise dodgy Outland. Then there's The Untouchables, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and...oh, you get the picture. So to speak.

Finally, the "It" Girl of the Roaring Twenties, Clara Bow, would have celebrated her 98th today...and I'll bet, based on the legendary stories about her heyday, she would have celebrated.