Monday, August 11, 2003

Speaking of Wizard World Chicago, the best news I've heard so far:

Howard Victor Chaykin is going to do the Challengers of the Unknown. Can't wait.

Via Newsarama by way of !Journalista!.

Update: Please see the comments section for more about recent Chaykin stuff from me.

You know, I should check Newsarama more often...though Neilalien I found the announcement that none other than my old fave Tommy Lee Edwards, whom you may recall from my Gemini Blood description in my "12 Comics You Should Read" list, will be illustrating the new adventures of fan-favorite character the Question. Originally created, written and illustrated by Steve Ditko as sort of a no-nonsense Spirit knockoff for Charlton Comics, the Question was one of a group of characters that DC acquired when Charlton went out of business back in the 80s. His gimmick was a mask that he wore, which had no facial features, hence the name. He always seemed to be accompanied by a lot of that trademark Ditkoesque swirly smoke. DC then published a Question comic for what seemed like a hell of a long time, with scripts by Dennis O'Neil and art by Denys Cowan, and while I was initially intrigued, I was completely underwhelmed by it so I stopped buying after about 6 issues. I've never had much affection for the characters, so believe me when I tell you that Edwards art is the only thing that could get me to buy a Question comic.

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