Sunday, August 10, 2003

A couple of things from Mark Evanier's website, which always provides a ton of interesting stuff-

A look at why "critically acclaimed but cancelled" titles are still worthwhile, which mentions one of my 12 comics you should read, Bat Lash. This article is almost a year old, and I'm sure many of you have already read it...but it sheds some light on that title. Plus, he reproduces the cover to #2's definitely the best cover of the series' run, but I'm thinking I should post another issue's cover sometime, just for the heck of it. #2's the only one that ever gets used!

Also, Evanier points us to art from what is now apparently going to be an unused Jay Stephens Teen Titans story. It's very retro, and appears to be set in 1964, is written by the original Titans (and longtime Brave & Bold) cscripter Bob Haney, and looks extremely cool. Hell, I'd buy it, unless it came out as a thirty dollar hardcover...but apparently those enlightened folks at DC say it's "too weird". As Rorschach would say: "Hurm."

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