Sunday, August 31, 2003

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BSBdG's go out today to the Celtic Soul Brother-Van Morrison, 58 today. Favorite album: 1974's Veedon Fleece, even though you can't go wrong with any of his Warners records from 1969 till 1983. Haven't been too crazy about his recent output- either it's bland, r&b-ish songs full of clumsy name-dropping of poets, painters and mystics, or bland, r&b-ish songs bitching about how crappy the music industry and the world are. That being said, I heard a couple of cuts a while back from his most recent effort, 2002's Down The Road, and they didn't sound too bad, so I've been meaning to pick it up one of these days.

The great picture above, an outtake from the photo shoot for Morrison's 1972 release St. Dominic's Preview, was taken by Michael Maggid, from whose website I stole it. Hopefully he won't sue since I've linked to him and given him credit! Please?