Wednesday, August 06, 2003

More random musings about (everybody repeat after me) everything in general and nothing in particular.

Maybe I could organize a flash mob event where everyone repeats that phrase then disperses. Actually, I've been seeing the occasional article and blog post about this phenomenon, and it sounds interesting. I find myself wondering what Warren Ellis thinks of it for some reason. Anywho, the most recent blogpost/article link I found was over at Susan's. Go! Read! Return!

A serious note: the truly scary outcome of the Jesus Castillo case, as reported by Dirk Deppey and others. Scary, more for the precedent it sets than anything else. If this sort of transaction, to an adult with no children present, and the book in question having been found in a section clearly marked "adult", can cause this sort of legal trouble...then what's next? The definition of "porn" is a subjective one, at least the way it's set up in the USA, and all sorts of hell can be raised using this very shortsighted and ignorant ruling as an example. I know what they say about Texas justice, but this goes beyond the pale and is a dark blot on an already dark record.

Once in a while, I find myself awake at odd hours. Often, I'll sit and watch VH1's Insomniac Music Theatre, just to see that rarest of rare birds: a music video. Found myself doing just that the other night, and I'll mention a few in an effort to demonstrate to you people that my musical tastes are not stuck in 1974. I found myself enjoying several videos both on VH1 and (wonder of wonders) MTV, including Liz Phair's new one and a truly nutty crazy video for a dance song by a pair of Danes who go by Junior and Senior. It's called "Move Your Feet", and it features graphics which look like old Atari 2600 video games. It's catchy, silly, and totally fun, like the B-52's were when they started. Phair has caught a lot of crap for the new direction she's taken, for sure, and I can see why- the song I heard, "Why Can't I", sounded a lot like something from the Vanessa Carlton/Michelle Branch/Avril Levigne school...and while it wasn't bad in and of itself, quite catchy, actually- we all know she's capable of much more so it disappoints a bit. Still, I'm sure she's a bit tired of being a cult artist and this was the way she decided she could perhaps break out, so best of luck to her. The video, though, for this song is very imaginative and clever- it featured Phair and her band performing the song, which each scene aping album cover graphics- an interest of mine, hence my particular enjoyment of the clip, I'd say. Also, I caught the video for my favorite song on Coldplay's Rush of Blood to the Head, "The Scientist", and while it's not an interpretation I would have chosen, it's still a somewhat haunting depiction of the aftermath of a car crash in reverse. If you ever see it, you'll see what I mean, and I hope I haven't spoiled it for you.

I watched a really odd film the other night, as well...Flamingo Road, starring a by-then-long-in-the-tooth Joan Crawford playing a carnival dancer (she looks ridiculous in her carny costume) who becomes romantically involved with a young small-town deputy sheriff who is being groomed for state governorship by Titus Semple, played by Sydney (Maltese Falcon) Greenstreet, the corrupt, evil sheriff who pretty much has his way in both local and state affairs. Of course, Titus can't have his governor-to-be snogging an ex-carny girl, so he makes life miserable for Joan, eventually framing her for a crime and geting her sent away. When she returns, she gets a job at the local roadhouse and hooks up with another of Titus' political circle, the only one poweful enough to stand up to him. Much soapy melodramatic stuff ensues, before the somewhat contrived ending. Still, this was an interesting film, if nothing else than for Greenstreet's malevolent scenery-chewing. He had his difficulties with the southern accent, predictably for a trained Shakespearean actor, but he was otherwise excellent. Joan has her one could express indignant rage like she could. But jeez Louise- she had no business in a role that should have been played by someone half her age then.

The White Sox won the second game of the series with the Royals last night, so I'm feeling a bit better about them for now. It sounds like they came ready to play and didn't get out-hustled too much, which is what they're going to have to do to hold off the gutty Royals.

On the job hunt front, I got a phone call screening yesterday evening from a hiring manager from Phototype, a prepress operation based in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. It went pretty well, I suppose, even though I think my lack of experience with Flexo printing might be a drawback there. I have a passing familiarity with it, but I get the impression they need someone who can hit the ground running. Still, their classified ad that I responded to a while back stated that they needed several positions, not all of them Flexo related, and he hadn't looked at my resume yet, so who knows. Ohio's a lot closer than Nebraska, but the Nebraska gig sounds better. Stay tuned...

Taking a look at the Diamond Shipping List for today, I'll have the following waiting for me when I get down to the store:


I also see where BAD GIRLS #1, with a sweet Darwyn Cooke cover, is coming out...since my haul looks light I might pick it up too. The softcover TPB of HUMAN TARGET: FINAL CUT is supposed to come out, and I might stick a copy back to buy later.

OK, I'm done for now. Gotta go buy a birthday cake. Everyone have a great day and hopefully I'll post more later on.

Music today so far: Geri Haliwell-Schizophonic, Coldplay-A Rush of Blood to the Head, Eels-Daisies of the Galaxy, Allman Brothers Band-Eat A Peach, R.E.M.-Reveal (still haven't warmed to this one yet) and David Lindley and El Rayo-X: Win This Record!.

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