Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Since I can't seem to find the time and/or energy to write anything, and don't particularly feel like chiming in on the latest blogosphere controversies (although this whole marvel_b0y thing is amusing) I think I'll just post some links. I'll probably update them as time permits today, so please check back later, 'kay?

First, the above cartoons, found at Every Day Is Like Wednesday, perfectly illustrate my reaction to most superhero comics, at least the rank-and-file Marvel and DC ones, these days. Funny stuff. Here's the latest in the series, with links to the others.

Also, via J.Bone we are directed to the website of one Arthur De Pins, who does some nicely expressive cartooning in both traditional and digital media. And whose girls look an awful lot like Bone's recent Wonder Woman illos. Hm.

Everyone go bask in the genius of Mike "Steel" Sterling!

More when time permits!

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