Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good for the Shusters, really- anytime the Man gets a poke in the eye it is a great thing. However, before the Chicken Littles of the Blogosphere and beyond get all het up and think this is the End of Superman as We Know Him, they should know this:

Q: Can DC/Time Warner/Warner Brothers appeal the judge's ruling?

A: Yes, if they choose. And the federal appeals court might reverse it, although there's good reason to think it won't be flipped. This isn't over.

Q: What next?

A: More documents prepared and answered; more rulings; possibly a trial; perhaps an appeal. Ditto (except the appeal) in Superboy. The most likely final outcome in both cases: a settlement.

Taken from this, thanks Mike Sterling.

Guess we won't be seeing reprints of Action Comics #1 anytime soon...

In case you're like me and were wondering about Maximortal writer/artist Rick Veitch's take, well here you go! Now we'll wait for Michael Chabon to chime in...

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