Monday, March 31, 2008

Good morning!

Say, did you know Warren Ellis isn't writing Thunderbolts anymore? Funny thing- I didn't know (or didn't notice) that he had started! That's how much attention I'm paying these days to books I don't already read, sorry to say. I generally like Ellis' work, but I just can't care less about that title so I suppose I'll remain blissfully unaware of how good it may have or may not have been, nor shall I embark on yet another back issue safari. I did, however, enjoy (or at least was held in rapt attention for the duration) reading the Whitechapel message board thread in which Mr. Ellis attempts to explain his reasons for ceasing to toil in that particular vineyard.

Anyways, the real reason I post is not to discuss Thunderbolts, but to direct your attention to the cleverly titled new section in the linkbar at right, titled (for lack of a better one) "Items of Interest". It's just below my sadly incomplete (and still unfinished, I promise) links list, so scroll down. Since I use (and have done so for quite some time now) Google Reader to follow other blogs and websites that I enjoy and/or find interesting, I finally noticed that I could add their "shared items" function here on my blog. So when I see something I want to share, but don't have the time or inclination to make a proper blog post about it, I'll add it to the list, and hopefully it will entertain the living hell out all who care to check it out- and I do hope you will, frequently.

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