Monday, March 10, 2008

I'd be floored if you haven't already read about this on a hundred other blogs, but just in case you accidentally missed it, Dark Horse has announced plans to reprint the exploits of the Little Fat Nothing himself- HERBIE. Retailers everywhere will be asked to "make way" for the Fat Fury this Summer, if all goes according to plan.

This is great news because these are some seriously weird little comics stories, and it's a crime that they haven't been more accessible to a wide audience, no pun intended. Remember that "straightfaced absurdity" and "whimsy" I'm always going on about in regards to Street Angel, Scurvy Dogs, and Flaming Carrot? Well, here's a big part of the direct inspiration, at least in the comics medium, for all that sort of thing. Now, I know you all will find this hard to believe (since we all know I'm older than God), but I have never personally owned a single issue of Forbidden Worlds or Herbie, nor have I ever possessed a copy of any of the rare reprints that have come and gone over the last four decades. But my Pal Dave has had many copies (hell, I'd bet he's had complete sets at one point or another) and has let me read them whenever I did so desire, so I know whereof I speak. I've also read them online and have seen them in comics shops.

Anyway, like Tom, I have reservations about the format- you know me, Mr. Cheapskate. No way I can drop 50 bills on this thing, but perhaps next Christmas I can get a good price via Amazon or the eBay. Also, there's something that's just a little off to me about seeing these stories reproduced on nice, white stock; I suppose this comes from a lifetime of reading them on yellowed paper in coverless and beat-up copies. Me, I'd prefer a more affordable softcover and could live with the better paper.

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