Thursday, March 27, 2008

In the interest of maintaining a semi-regular posting schedule, here are a couple of noteworthy deaths, crossposted from the LJ I know few of you read:

Sad to hear, the other day, about the passing of Neil Aspinall. Aspinall was one of those "behind-the-scenes" people who were instrumental in the success of the Beatles; he started out as a roadie, helping them haul equipment and driving them to this gig and that gig, and ended up serving as the head of what the Fabs' Apple became until about a year ago. Aspinall ended up with the keys to the kingdom, and better believe he knew where all the bodies were buried. Yet, unlike about 95% of the friends, families, co-workers and hangers-on of the Four Lads (for better or worse) he resisted the urge to write a tell-all memoir, taking what he knew to the great beyond with him.

Boy, it's been a tough decade for the Beatles (relatively speaking), hasn't it?

Sharks teeth eat Pirahna
On the early morning
The barracuda he no slumber
He never gonna getta warning
Sharks teeth meets Richard Widmark
If you wanna look for trouble
Captian Cook see iron hammer
blowing bloody bubbles
He biting me!!
He got - sharks teeth

"Shark's Teeth", The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, 1975

RIP Richard Widmark, who has passed on at age 91.

To be honest, I never really was as big a fan of his as I was a lot of Hollywood actors from that era. In fact, I probably knew him best for a long time as the fella mentioned in that Alex Harvey song. I always kinda regarded him as a "that guy" kind of actor in films like The Alamo and How the West Was Won, until a few years ago when I caught his memorable portrayal of nutjob killer Tommy Udo in Kiss of Death, then not long after in Judgment at Nuremberg- two outstanding, and very different, films. He was old-school character-actor Hollywood at its best. His kind of performer is disappearing fast.

Also, I'm sending condolences to my friend Dave of Elmo's Junction for the death of his father on Monday.

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