Friday, March 14, 2008

More Nilsson stuff has popped up over the last couple of days- first, For The Love of Harry provides scans of a new feature article in MOJO magazine, a recap of his frustrating and heartbreaking career. They've also put up a ton of HN-related Rolling Stone articles as well...and of course, there's that invaluable service they provide which shall go unnamed here but will be immediately obvious if you look around the site for any length of time.

MOJO, one of the best music mags I've ever read (and one which I would still subscribe to if the damned thing didn't cost a fortune), also helpfully collects a bunch of HN video on this page, interesting viewing, and finally, here's an oddity: a MySpace page for Count Downe, Harry's vampiric alter ego in the 1974 film he made with Ringo, Son of Dracula.

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