Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What the heck- DC and Oni have put out their December solicits, and like any card-carrying member of the Comics Blogosphereiverse, I feel the need to run 'em down and commentate on them. Click on the pictures to see 'em all big n'stuff.

Oni first.

LOCAL #2 brings us the next chapter in the exploits of Megan McKeenan. Seems she has a stalker of sorts as she ends up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is artist Ryan Kelly's hometown. Brian, if you ever want Megan to pass through Horse Cave, shoot me an email and I'll give you all the background info you need!

POLLY AND THE PIRATES #3 continues the J.M. Barrie meets Edward Gorey meets R.L. Stevenson miniseries. I enjoyed the preview of #1 quite a bit, but I figured I would since I've become quite the admirer of Ted Naifeh's work.

What the hell? SCOTT PILGRIM #3? Already? I haven't got #2 yet! But it's coming sometime next month as part of my DCBS order.

Now, DC:

Another great Jock cover for BATMAN #648. I really should be buying this, since the art is by Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen, who together are probably my favorite mainstream superhero artists...but Batman is such a dreary character these days, and also the yawn-inducing villain is Black Mask, who has never been a favorite of mine. Maybe if they collect the Mahnke/Nguyen run...

BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN #2 is sporting a nice Matt Wagner cover. I generally like Wagner's work, so perhaps I should consider the trade if it ever gets released.

GOTHAM CENTRAL #38 Okay, the Titans guest appearance was fun & cute. But c'mon. The Spectre? Don't. Please, don't. Ah, the shark, she is swimming in nearby waters...

CATWOMAN #50 threatens to continue to bog her down in the Identity Crisis morass with the promise of mind games courtesy of Zatanna. Always love to see Zee in comics, especially since you just know Pete Woods will do her right...but anything which evokes the stain of IC and its sequels turns me off.

Good news: ALL STAR SUPERMAN #2. Bad news: no cover image.

The James Jean cover image for GREEN ARROW #57. Just because.

HARD TIME SEASON TWO #1 : Hard Time, like Kinetic and those other books that came and went a year or so ago, sounded interesting but for some reason I was never moved to buy. Now I've got another chance to sample Hard Time, with a "season two" series now being released. I'm thinking pretty hard about it, but I'd like to read the first series before I start the second, and without looking I'm not sure if it's collected.

JLA CLASSIFIED: COLD STEEL #1: If you had asked me to guess what sort of project former Lucifer cover artist Christopher Moeller would tackle after his run ended, I would have guessed 876,435 things before I would have guessed that he'd do a Justice League-as-Transformers type story. Just shows ta go ya- you never know. Will I buy? Are you kidding me? I can think of 876,436 JLA story ideas I'd rather read.

Y'know, I was not a regular buyer of JONAH HEX in its 70's heyday. Just wasn't interested, although I remember owning the issue (#9?) that sported a Wrightson cover, and of course I had the great Russ Heath-illo'd DC Special 16, the big Hex-gets-backshot-and-stuffed-and-mounted issue. Wish I still had it. Anyway, I bought the two Vertigo limited series because Tim Truman drew 'em, and have come to like, if not love, the character. So I suppose I'll be picking up the first couple issues of this revival attempt just to see what Gray and Palmiotti will do with him.

I didn't buy THE LIGHT BRIGADE, either- guess I was just trying to hold my weekly comics expenses down. I've heard good things about this series, though, so now that the TP is available, I think I'll give it a whirl. I like Pete Snejbjerg's art, generally.

Speaking of ex-Vertigo artists, we have Teddy Kristiansen's turn to get the spotlight of SOLO #8. I was a faithful reader of House of Secrets, the longest gig that Kristiansen had that I'm aware of, and liked, didn't love, his art. His style is novel enough, though, that this might be worth a look but this is the first issue of this title that I've considered not buying.

THE BEST OF THE SPIRIT TP: If you're unfamiliar with the late great Will Eisner's Spirit stories, then you MUST get this collection of the strip at its peak, from 1940-1950. heck, I don't even know which ones will be included, and I still recommend this unequivocally, especially at a price point of $15. You'll thank me later. It better have the story of Miss Kosmek in it, though...and without the cheesy hand-lettered titles that Warren stuck on the art in the 70's.

TEAM ZERO #1 is something else with Doug Mahnke art. Sigh. Can't buy everything.

THE WINTER MEN #5 continues the title that I LOVED the first issue of, but thanks to my comics shop, I haven't read issue #2 yet. Bah.

TOP 10: BEYOND THE FARTHEST PRECINCT #5 is the final chapter (issue?), or so says the copy. Is it me, or is the "Hell Ditch Pilgrim" a really dumb-sounding name for a character?

Can't think of anything particularly interesting to say about FABLES #44, but isn't that yet another awesome James Jean cover?

DMZ #2 is the other Brian Wood book coming out this month. Looks interesting, and I think/I hope I've signed up for #1. Don't remember...

LOSERS #31 gives us another great Jock cover with a spotlight on Aisha, and it's looking like she's going to be the one which doublecrosses the team. You never know, though.

Guess that's it! Funny, it seems like there used to be a lot more stuff coming from DC that I felt like commenting on. Sign of the times, I suppose.

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