Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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I emerge from my cone of silence to belatedly note the passing of DON ADAMS, known to most as Agent 86 from the 60's TV series Get Smart. I was a faithful viewer, although I must admit that I watched more episodes in reruns as I got older than I did when the show was first airing in 1965. It had a certain je'nais se quis, a kind of inspired, "what-the-hell" kid of goofiness that set it apart from your mid-Sixties run-of-the-mill spy spoof, due in part to its great cast...and nobody could have done Maxwell Smart any better.

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The other thing I most associate with Adams is his voice work on Tennesee Tuxedo and His Tales, which aired constantly when I was growing up. Adams was excellent as the "small penguin who tries but can't succeed-o".

As usual, Mark Evanier has a great post.

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