Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My haul on Thursday, according to the new Diamond shipping list:

I like the Middleton rendering of River better than Sean Phillips' Wash and Leinil Yu's Simon, so that's my choice.

Le grande finale for Chaykin's latest, which has been pretty good as far as I'm concerned.

More of the "Is Robin dead" storyline. Very good so far.

Uh...so...I expect this to suck. (Shhh...maybe if I DON'T look forward to it, I'll be pleasantly surprised!)

Jeff Parker's Vampire By Night remains the reason I pick this up.

And that's all, even though it's entirely possible that my copies of SMOKE #3, EXPATRIATE #3, and DEATH, JR. #3 may show up and wreck my careful budget.

Also, here's my non-listed recommendation of the week:COYOTE VOL 1 TP- Steve Englehart & Marshall Rogers initially, then Steve Leialoha and Chas Truog afterwards, concocted a lively and imaginative take on the Native American trickster god, and if you've got the extra coin you might want to take a chance. The subsequent two Leialoha-illo'd Marvel/Epic issues were the best, but unfortunately he couldn't continue and Truog drew the series until it concluded. This trade, as I understand it, collects the original miniseries, which was serialized in Eclipse Monthly magazine. If you, like me, were disappointed by the duo's recent BATMAN: DARK DETECTIVE series, then you might like a dose of them at their best.

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