Monday, September 05, 2005

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Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster. PT 109. The Mouse on the Moon. Marnie. The Towering Inferno. The 1966 Batman. The 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What did all these films, and many, many others, have in common? I saw them for the first time at the place above- the Twin City Drive-In just outside Horse Cave on Hwy. 31-W. I loved to go there as a kid, and still remember many of the sights and sounds of that place- the popcorn, the train (the tracks were on the far side of the lot, parallel to the highway) when it would go by, the trailers, the swings, and so much more. I miss it a lot, although I hate to say it but I didn't go there much in the last ten years it was standing- once to see the third Star Trek flick in '84, and finally to take my son to see Disney's Black Cauldron the next year. From the late '70s on, until they tore it down in the late 80's, they ran a lot of soft-core porn flicks after school started in the fall (on at least one occasion my friends and I would ride our bikes over there and watch from the stand of pines that lined the back of the lot, heh heh), and fewer and fewer first-or-second-run movies, plus it was more attractive to go indoors in Bowling Green or nearby that pretty much killed off the Twin City, like it did so many other drive-ins all over the country.

Anyway, I have long wished I'd taken a picture of it before it was demolished (a factory warehouse now sits on the site), but alas I didn't think to. It occurred to me recently, though, that I should check with local bookstore proprietor Tom Chaney, who has become sort of the de facto town historian, and see if he had a photo of the drive-in in his boxes somewhere- and I did that today. And as you can plainly see, he did have one. So thanks to Tom, and now I can present to you, boys and girls from all over the world...a small part of my formative years.

Credit where credit is due department: Mr. Chaney tells me that this pic was made by none other that my pal Dave Puckett of Elmo's Junction fame!

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