Monday, January 24, 2005

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Well, y'see, I noticed somewhere where someone had written about Marvel's April solicitations, and since I'm a good l'il comics blogger I thought I'd do the same. I clicked on the link provided (since the site in question only skimmed the highlights, and didn't provide the whole list) to go to and read them for myself- only I couldn't find a solicitation list anywhere. Befuddled, but not too disappointed since I don't really buy that many Marvel comics anyway, I decided to click around on the site, just to see what I could see. I ended up in their wallpaper section, and while scrolling down my eye was not merely caught, but GRABBED by the wallpaper created from the above cover illustration by one Jo Chen, from Thor, Son of Asgard 8, which apparently came out back last September. I suppose this is "Amora the Enchantress" (So THAT'S what her real name is). Anyway, this is a hell of an illustration, in my opinion of course, especially the upper 3/4. The legs look a bit under-rendered, but it's still a very eye-catching cover. Not that I would buy this, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention; do with it what ye will. And click on Chen's name a line or three back to visit his/her website, lotsa nice stuff there.

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