Monday, January 24, 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAfter the pilot I have some ideas for future episodes like something with President Harrison, who died from the flu one month into office, it turns out he didn't?t die from pneumonia. The fluid in his lungs was part of a genetic experiment to give him everlasting life so he could be president forever but instead it turned him into a frog creature so now he lives at the bottom of the Mississippi and launches an attack on the nation with his frogmen.?

From a recent Newsarama piece on Bryan (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls) Fuller's announced intent to make a TV movie of Mike Mignola's weird and wonderful Amazing Screw-on Head one-shot for the Sci-Fi network. I would have been interested enough, but then he had to go and name-drop William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of the US, and the one prez that fascinated me when I was a weird little kid with a big book of presidential biographies. Apparently Harrison, who made his name as an Indian fighter and rode this fame to the White House in those less-than-PC days, chose to walk to his inauguration on a bitter cold March day, got sick, and died from pneumonia less than a month after taking his oath of office. I am, to this day, at a loss to explain what it was about this man that fascinated me so, but there ya go. I'm at a loss to explain a lot of what fascinates me so. Anywho, just wanted to share, and you can go here for more on the unfortunate Mr. Harrison.

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