Saturday, January 22, 2005


As always, the standard disclaimer:

These picks are FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I'm not betting illegally with these, and NEITHER SHOULD YOU...and I take no responsibility if you lose your house.

Okay. Last weekend was difficult to pick, but I managed to go 3-1, which got me back to .500 at 4-4 on the postseason. If not for Indy totally crashing and burning, thanks to a remarkable boneheaded defensive strategy, I would have been 4-0. Problem is, this weekend is even tougher than last! I can easily see any of the four remaining teams advancing to Jacksonville. I've been listening to the "experts" on ESPN, and have deliberated all weekend, and I'm no closer now to having a good feel for my picks than I was on Monday. After a while, ya just gotta say the hell with it and make your picks...and here's mine.

ATLANTA over Philadelphia. I picked the Eagles to go to the Super Bowl (along with Indy, ha ha) when the season started, but I just gotta go with my guys. I can name you a dozen reasons why the Falcons should lose this game, but I think they match up well with Philadelphia, and if the weather lets them establish enough of a ground game to set up the pass, they have a chance. Plus, this team has a similar vibe to the one that went into Lambeau Field and upset the Packers two years ago to me, so I'm taking the A-T-L. There will be standing room only on the bridges around Philadelphia on Monday. That being said, I will not be a bit surprised if the Falcons bog down in the predicted blizzard and the Eagles massage the battered ego of all Philadephians. It should be a low scoring game, I think, so you might want to take the Falcons and the points regardless.

PITTSBURGH over New England. Boy, New England looked real good against the Colts, didn't they? Of course, Indy helped by constantly playing passing defense against the Patsies, allowing Corey Dillon to run wild, and control the clock. That won't happen against the Steelers. The Steelers should pound, pound, pound the ball with Jerome Bettis and Duce Staley, and hopefully get a turnover or two on defense...and return to the Super Bowl, setting up a matchup of two teams who didn't appear on Monday Night Football this year. That being said, Belichick should never be underestimated, especially when dealing with a rookie quarterback.

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