Monday, January 31, 2005

Time now for that weekly look into what I'll have waiting for me at the comics shop on Wednesday, courtesy the Shiamond dipping list!


And I'm pretty sure I ordered the BILL & TED'S MOST EXCELLENT ADVENTURES VOL 1 TP, but I'll have to put that one back for a while. No can afford at this time! Which brings me to my latest tentative attempt to free myself from the drive-across-town-in-5:00-traffic, no-fricking-discount comics shop. I was all set to order my March books from the Discount Comic Book Service site, had already selected all my titles, and was in the process of arranging payment when I happened upon the section which explained that I would be charged on February 14th, instead of as they shipped, which was my mistaken notion. And frankly, kids, since I will still have to shop the shop to get the titles that come out between this month's and March/April's books, I can't afford to pay for 2 months' worth of comics in one month! So...I placed an order for two trades that I had been coveting and didn't want to pay full price for: 100% (even though I have all 5 singles- it's such a great book that I want it collected, and hopefully there will be some extras to compensate for it taking so sprocking long!), and the Flight Vol. 2 compilation. So now I have an account set up at the DCBS, and if I come into some money in the near future, either from my tax refund or the payment for the magazine article I did a month or so ago (and I'm still not sure will actually see print, let alone get paid for), I'll see about taking that next step.

Stay tuned!

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