Friday, January 07, 2005

My Favorite Spirits Day 3

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Above is a great example of what Harvey Kurtzman referred to once as the "Eisnershpritz", that is, Eisner's everpresent rain showers and thunderstorms that often appeared in his stories. All the better to create mood and atmosphere, my dear. Anyway, this is the first page from the story Warren titled "Lorelei Rox", in which the Spirit mixes it up with a gangster who just happened to marry a siren, as in a Homer-style straight outta Greek mythology-type siren, and was using her to waylay truckers on the highway and steal their payloads. This was another story reprinted in one of those Harvey Spirits, and this opening scene made a deep impression on me, especially the "click, clack" footsteps approaching Commissioner Dolan's office.

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