Monday, January 24, 2005

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Had to work Saturday night at the radio station, engineering a high school basketball game. It's damn near impossible to monitor the sportscasters for timeouts and watch TV at the same time, as I kept finding out a couple of years ago as I attempted to catch Buffy and Firefly on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, I didn't bother turning the TV on, and had assumed that the Justice League Unlimited was yet another rerun anyway, SO...I MISSED the BRAND NEW EPISODE that aired with BAT LASH! DRAT! Or should I say "consarn it!"? Anyway, hopefully it will be rerun soon 'cos I really want to see the first animated appearance of one of my favorite DC characters. I've read a bit about the episode since, and it sounds OK if a bit contrived, as most time travel stories are, and like Tom the Dog I wonder how Chronos (why oh why wasn't he in his green-and-gold striped-pants uni, or at least why couldn't they have made him the 90's Chronos?) didn't notice that Bruce Wayne was Batman.

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