Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ordinarily, I post this sort of thing on the LJ...but I think this belongs here:

Someone has taken it upon him/herself to post entire segments of the obscure Harry Nilsson/Ringo Starr horror movie slash comedy Son of Dracula on YouTube! This one features one of my favorite scenes from the film- Harry as Count Downe, the titular Son, putting the bite on some glam-rock loving young girl (after having already sampled her boyfriend!)...and pausing to put the tone arm back on the record which had been playing before he interrupted their evening- "Chariot Choogle" by T.Rex! And if you look closely at the murky picture, you can see that there's a T.Rex Wax Co. (Marc Bolan's vanity label) on the record! Squee!

I own a (probably recorded off TV) VHS copy of this film, which has never seen a legitimate DVD or even VHS release. I had wanted to see it for years but had never had the chance until I ran across the tape in a catalog belonging to a movie seller that specialized in kung fu flicks and foreign porn. I wish I could say it was worth the trouble, but really (as I'm sure you realized if you watched all six minutes of this clip) it's a wretched bad film, low-budget and poorly acted, with an incoherent script and worthwhile only for little Nilsson (and T.Rex)-fan tidbits such as the above, or an opportunity to see Harry (as the Count) perform with a pickup group of all-star musicians.

Another YouTube Nilsson bounty is the unreleased (and unseen by me) 1972-era documentary Did Somebody Drop His Mouse?, which someone saw fit to post in segments as well! Here's part one of five. Mouse assays the creation of the wonderful Son of Schmilsson album, and features the great Klaus Voorman, Ringo of course, Peter Frampton, producer Richard Perry, and others, along with some goofy narration and really bad film quality, unsurprising since it's supposed to be an unfinished film. I'd post one of the segments here, but I fear I've already tried your patience for embedded videos enough for one evening.

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