Friday, February 16, 2007

I now interrupt the cricket concerto this blog has become lately to keep a promise- that is, the one where I said I'd let you know if I heard more about the Timespirits collection.

Over at Steve Bissette's MyRant blog, about halfway down the post he mentions the upcoming Megacon in Orlando, Fla., and specifically goes on to say that 'Spirits co-creator and scripter Steve Perry will be in attendance, and posts two made-by-unknown-hands promo images for the collection- one of which I have ganked, as you can see above. He also goes on to say that he has just written the introduction for the collection, still scheduled to come from Image at some future date. Looking forward to that, and if you go and meet Mr. Perry, tell him Johnny B says hi. Hopefully, he won't look at you like you just ate a bug.

And now for something completely different: You can go here to see a trailer for the still-unfinished documentary Will Eisner: The Spirit of an Artistic Pioneer. Ugh, what a title- but the trailer is good stuff.

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