Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just in case you care...

Here's my upcoming DCBS shipment, which should find itself upon my doorstep Friday afternoon.

DMZ #16
100 BULLETS #81

A couple of months ago, I decided to drop Local, so #9 will be my last, I guess. That was before I realized that it is a 12 issue series. Now, I'm reconsidering, but as with American Virgin, I guess I'll get the last three at my LCS.

And I thought last issue was my final Strange Girl! Looks like I have one more, an epilogue if you will.

Nice to know that I already have my review of 100 Bullets written.

And, any week with a new Jack Staff and Paul Grist, is a good comics week. Also looking forward to/sad to see the final issue of Doctor Strange: The Oath; and as usual I'm looking forward to The Spirit, Catwoman, Powers, (which has been on the upswing although it's really beginning to feel stretched) and of course Daredevil. Plus, we get an issue of Hellblazer that isn't by Denise Mina! First in what seems like a couple of eternities!

I already have Brave and the Bold #1 and Alter Ego #64 (Free! Gotta love free), which I will review next time.

My friends at Boom! have cut me off, looks like, because I have received no new comp of the Boom! title I like the most, Hero Squared, #5 of which came out today. Guess they don't like me no more. Cry me a river, I know. However, yesterday I received a copy of a Boom! title that I am less enthusiastic about, Warhammer 40,000: Damnation Crusade #2, so go figure. Hopefully, they'll have a copy for sale at my LCS, never a given when it comes to indie books, and I'll pick it up in addition to the aforementioned American Virgin #12.

I'm beginning to wish I'd ordered the 52 trade; DCBS had it for $10. Then again, it's 52. Do I really want that? Even at a discount?

Oh, and as you know, I managed to avoid picking up Civil War...but everybody and their comics-blogging uncle has put their two cents' worth in about the ending, so here's mine: It doesn't sound all that out-of-character for Cap to stand down because of the danger to those around him and his allies. But the bigger picture, the ramifications of Cap's action and what it means both as plot event and as allegory, is far more problematic. Besides, you know that this is just all stage-setting for the next big event, right?

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