Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This and that, and the Always Popular Other Thing.

I have been on an insane, hamster-wheelish schedule over the last few days, since I so blithely promised to have more comics reviews in that notoriously vague descriptive unit of time named "later", hence my complete and utter inability to muster up the time, energy, and anything else to finish what I started on Saturday. I still plan to, hopefully tomorrow night (I have a new comics box coming Friday!), but in the meantime while you wait go here to read the brand spankin' new Consumer Guide by the fella who forgot more about writing paragraph-length reviews than I ever knew, Robert Christgau. Good to have him back. Who and Scissor Sisters fans might not agree. Oh, and don't forget to click on page two for a long list of "honorable mentions". Bill Sherman alert: The Dean opines upon no less than three Maria Muldaur releases!

Which reminds me, it's almost time to cobble together a "best of 2006" comics list, isn't it? Gonna be the hardest year yet, I'm afraid...

Apropos of nothing, the other day I found myself (for some reason) thinking about Marvel's Black Widow character, and thought I'd look up her Wikipedia page. Of course, I can't think about Natasha Romanoff without fondly (not fondle-ey, thank you) recalling the other, right sexy Widow, (Blonde Widow if you please) Yelena Belova- whose three starring/co-starring miniseries I enjoyed quite a bit, to the point where she was a favorite character. Maybe it was all the Russian stuff, maybe it was her resemblance to a certain creation that I've grown very close to over the last 20 years. Anyway, much to my dismay I discovered that some knuckleheaded writer has made some seriously f-ed up changes to her- and to say the least she's not what she used to be. What a waste, and I think I'll devote a paragraph or two to this sorry situation eventually.

Oh, and before I go, since I was never one to ignore a trend a-birthing, I have a ComicsSpace page now, to go along with the LiveJournal and MySpace pages. Friend me, why dont'cha? I'm intrigued by this new playground, although in my mind I imagine a whole lotta kids standing in it, looking around and saying "OK, what do we do now?". They are promising bells and whistles to be added later, we shall see what we shall see.

Geez. What started out as a short "hey, I'm still alive" entry has turned into a big post! I could have written a half-dozen reviews in the same amount of time. Oh well, managing my time (and money) wisely has never been a strength of mine, I'm afraid.

Oyasumi nasai.

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