Friday, March 21, 2003

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My little feature on the Sub-Mariner (and by proxy, Bill Everett) below prompted me to think "Boy, wouldn't it be neat to have a nice pinup picture of Everett's Venus character in the picture area at the right side of my page?" I went to my usual sources: Google and Altavista's search engines- and came up with jack. Most of the covers I found with her image just didn't lend themselves to pinups. Here's a cover gallery at the Great Comics Database. Also, here's a pretty cool site with many scans of Marvel/Atlas/Timely comics covers from the 50's-70s. Venus is one of the titles which feature scans, but you'll have to click around a bit.

Anyway, I've always been a bit fascinated with the character, due to reading reprints of her adventures in the 70s Marvel reprint book Weird Wonder Tales. These featured the work of the more refined Everett style, whereas the picture above and the cover to #1 shown in another one of the links I'll provide you shortly are done in his earlier, less accomplished style. And of course, there was her great appearance (bondage cover and all) in the comic I wrote about yesterday. She's made infrequent appearances in Marvel Comics since, most recently (and notably) in the Avengers Forever multi issue time-hopping free-for-all.

Until I can come up with something better (and I intend to keep looking), here's two links to pages that profile the Goddess of Love, from a "Females of the Golden Age" site, from whence I stoled the early Everett illo above, and another by one J.J. Nevins.

She's got it, baby, she's got it.